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            Lead Designer:  Rebecca Lisle Naugher


Certified Residential Kitchen & Bath Designer, Interior Design Consulting, Restaurant Kitchen Design Consulting 

We use innovative ideas, creativity, technology and old fashioned common sense when designing your Hydroponic Kitchen.   There are many factors to consider including grow systems, storage, high level Kitchen functionality and back up systems into your space for the ultimate Kitchen Of The Future!  During consultation it is our goal to identify what is most important to you and design the space around your needs.  We can easily work remotely to collaborate on your design.  Once complete, simply take your "Hydroponic Kitchen Design" to your local cabinet company, contractor & local trades to start construction.  We are here to consult & assist you when you need us!!


Families have expressed to me that they want the assurance that ONLY clean water and organic nutrients are being used to grow their food in a secure environment.  After tasting the food from your Hydroponic Kitchen, you will realize what a smart decision you made for you and your family.  

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